Tom presents the investigations on Countryfile – Britain’s most popular factual TV programme. This is the most journalistic element of the show, breaking news and revealing the hidden depths of current rural and environment stories. He is also the principal voice of ‘Costing the Earth’ on Radio 4, the nations only dedicated environment series. He is also a regular Panorama reporter covering food, farming energy and wildlife. He was the presenter of the long running BBC 1 Daytime series Animal 24:7 which remains popular with regular repeats.  He chairs and speaks at events and conferences.
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What’s happening

I am in America, Texas to be precise, gathering material for the new series of Costing the Earth for Radio 4.
As the British government fires the starting gun on fracking, we come back to where the shale gas revolution all began. We went to the well where they pioneered the hydraulic fracturing technique since repeated over 100,000 times across America and now cracking the earth across the world. We spoke to the man who lived next door, he didn’t mind it and pointed to all the new houses which had been built around the gas well since it started pumping. The local residents were cool with the wellhead but the proposed liquor store across the street…..they soon put a stop to that. Ten miles away, many residents of Denton are fighting to become frack-free – a referendum in the autumn will determine whether to ban hydraulic fracturing from the city limits. The result could send shock waves through the industry.
As well as looking deep underground I’m turning my head to the sky and wondering if it will rain. Texas is enduring the longest drought in America. Ranchers are selling off their cattle before the stock starves on the parched plain, water companies are spraying a chemical film over dwindling reservoirs to cut evaporation and residents in Wichita Falls are having to swallow the idea of treated sewage becoming drinking water. The Texas population grows by about 1000 souls a day, it is the booming state – will water scarcity hold them back? Listen in.
On Countryfile I’ve just shot a film, looking at the merits (or lack of them) of gassing badgers as recommended by Princess Anne a few months back. And if you are a fan of fun in the sun, presenter jolly japes and really badly played cricket…tune in Sunday August 10 for the Countryfile Summer Special. You can of course catch up on the latest in Countryfile on BBC i-player.
updated August 2014