Tom Heap is freelance author and journalist who created and presents BBC Radio’s flagship climate change podcast ’39 Ways to Save the Planet‘ – now also available as a book. He is a regular presenter on BBC1’s Countryfile specialising in the more investigative films and has made many BBC Panorama documentaries on food, energy and the environment. Tom also hosts BBC Radio 4’s regular environment series ‘Costing the Earth’.
Tom started his career as a sound man with Sky News, before working for many years as a producer and reporter for BBC News. He fronted the long running and popular daytime TV series Animal 24:7.
Outside of broadcasting, Tom is a regular host and speaker at conferences and corporates mixing authority and humour to deliver a memorable event.
Tom is a fervent supporter and ambassador for the international conservation charity ‘Whitley Fund for Nature’ and a founder of ‘The Western Front Way’ which is creating a path for peace along the whole of what was the Western Front.
For fun he likes to ride bikes, chop wood, watch films, grow chillies and bodge carpentry.

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