Tom presents the investigations on Countryfile – Britain’s most popular factual TV programme. This is the most journalistic element of the show, breaking news and revealing the hidden depths of current rural and environment stories. He is also the principal voice of ‘Costing the Earth’ on Radio 4, the nations only dedicated environment series. He is also a regular Panorama reporter covering food, farming energy and wildlife. He was the presenter of the long running BBC 1 Daytime series Animal 24:7 which remains popular with regular repeats.  He chairs and speaks at events and conferences.
A selection of Tom’s TV work can be seen on BBC iPlayer.

What’s happening

If you’re going to be jet lagged you might as well use it and a dawn trot through Midtown, across 42nd Street and up into Central Park seems like a pretty good way. The Apple, to quote Miss G Jones, was “stretching and yawning’. The busiest were shoppers arranging their pavement pumpkin displays though Halloween is still weeks away.
In NYC for Costing the Earth, gathering material for a couple of programmes for the end of this series. We’ll be meeting the people making polystyrene out of mushrooms – though some vegetarians may be familiar with that sensation – as a form of fossil fuel free biodegradable packaging and also a man developing advanced materials from spider’s silk. The other doc is about city heat. Urban centres like New York are warming faster than the average increase due to climate change. We’ll be talking about why this happens, rises in resulting summer mortality from ill health and even violence, as we get hotter under the collar.  May go to Brooklyn on the location of Spike Lee’s break out movie ‘Do the Right Thing’…look it up and relevance will dawn.
Speaking about heat winding people up, The BBC’s coverage of the IPCC and our Costing the Earth special debate programme (you can find it here http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/costearth) seems to have angered a few folk. The sceptics I was expecting but laceration of the Beeb’s output by some in the science establishment, I was not and it appears misplaced. I tweeted a couple of times about his (@tomheapmedia) but, in slightly longer form, this is what I reckon.
Is there a disagreement in science about the core trends of climate change? No, not really, so don’t put on a debate suggesting there is. And, with the exception of The World at One on the Friday of report publication, I think the BBC largely followed this line. But is there disagreement among the public and policy makers about this prediction  and what we should do about it? Of course, and this should be heard. Any suggestion otherwise is simply censorship cloaked in scientific self- righteousness.
On the telly, I go pretend hare-coursing on Countryfile this Sunday, and look at the crime associated with the now illegal sport. Been filming a report on how to balance our desire to forage for delicious wild autumn ingredients and the damage this can cause to the countryside. Prepare for mushroom munching and Masterchef style talking with my mouth full.
Panorama on energy is in the very early prep’ stage. The working title: Power Failure.
Time for monster brunch which will almost undoubtedly grace the twittersphere here @how-dairy