Tom presents the investigations on Countryfile – Britain’s most popular factual TV programme. This is the most journalistic element of the show, breaking news and revealing the hidden depths of current rural and environment stories. He is also the principal voice of ‘Costing the Earth’ on Radio 4, the nations only dedicated environment series. He is also a regular Panorama reporter covering food, farming energy and wildlife. He was the presenter of the long running BBC 1 Daytime series Animal 24:7 which remains popular with regular repeats.  He chairs and speaks at events and conferences.
A selection of Tom’s TV work can be seen on BBC iPlayer.

What’s happening

We are into the spring season of Costing the Earth on Radio 4 and this week you hear about a mysterious hybrid beast which is invading the Grand Canyon, poisoning the water and crushing tribal dwellings. Yet bizarrely it’s emerging as a tourist attraction. Meet the Beefalo: 3.30 Tuesday and 9pm Wednesday. And if you want hear about Bristol’s struggles to deliver on its Green Capital promise or how Iceland can claim to have moved 500 miles south in a generation, check out the podcasts on http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/costearth

Coming up on Countryfile, it is claimed that government cuts to National Park funding threaten the character of these landscape jewels, yet some are turning to ingenious solutions including marketing the scent of the parks. Can you guess which one is evoked by an air freshener with the aroma of ‘pink sweet pea and roses’?
For future projects on the ‘file, we are looking at the plight of the British spud and its growers as sales fall through the floor and less retail wastage makes it worse! We also plan to reveal the scourge of black grass – a seemingly unbeatable superweed on the March through our crops. Did we create the menace through our over-reliance on pesticides and fertiliser?
And look out for a Panorama in gestation!
See Tom’s ‘right to reply’ to Christopher Booker’s article ‘Countryfile betrays the Countryside’ The Daily Mail 24 February 2015
updated March 2015