Tom has become a trusted member of the team highly valued for his knowledge, enthusiasm and engagement with the viewers. All his programmes have delivered an audience well above three million; consistently higher the programme’s average.   Featured in: + What’s fuelling your energy bill?Bottled Water: Who needs it? – Monday 7th November 2011 + Bottled Water: Who needs it? – Monday 18th February 2008 + Can Tesco save the World? – November 2009 + What’s up with the Weather? – June 2010 + Britain’s unwanted pets – August 2010 + Why hate junk mail? – July 2011 + Primark: On The Rack BBC Trust Ruling 16 June 2011

“I do not believe that a single frame of ‘Primark : on the Rack’ was not authentic. Evidence that Primark broke its own guidelines on outsourcing and employing children  was painstakingly assembled by some of Panorama’s most experienced journalists. This is confirmed in the Trusts findings.  But they also allege that some of the footage filmed by Dan McDougall was staged. I do not believe this. Dan is a highly respected and award winning journalist who has worked with national newspapers and broadcasters. I never had any reason to doubt his credibility and neither do others I have spoken to who work with him. I am very disappointed that the BBC Trust has chosen not to trust a Panorama team of such calibre.”  Tom Heap